Friday, April 7, 2017

What's wrong with you!,,,,,,,,people?

I simply don't get it. How did it ever get to the point where we ask a professional for some service to be done, and have the expectation or audacity to think it's going to be free. 
It was last Friday, late in the afternoon. I don't know what your Fridays are like, but mine are very busy.
We usually don't schedule any work on this day and use it to catch up on the jobs from earlier in the week. Frequently we will work until 6 or even longer in order to accommodate all the clients that had to have their vehicles done before the weekend.
So it's last Friday around 3 P.M. and someone shows up at our door. They told us they had their vehicle somewhere else and they messed up everything with their brakes. They broke one wheel stud and now the vehicle is making some loud noises as it moves forward. It's impossible to ignore and not to notice. 
They asked if we would remove the wheel, the caliper and pads, the brake rotor and possibly the wheel hub and bearing assembly all  in order to inspect and correct the problem someone else had caused. 
A few minutes before, we had just joked in the office that the next person to take another vehicle that day would be "Shot for their crime".
I should have just said "we can't do it today" but instead I said "We'll be glad to help you, the quote to inspect and or repair is sixty five dollars".
A very indignant lady replied "You're going to charge me just to look at the car?!"
Nothing gets my blood pressure higher than someone who wouldn't work one minute of their life for free, but expects other to do. It took a lot for me to keep my mouth shut. 
They proceeded to make a few phone calls, (prior to that, they used our free wi-fi to find the other places)  and found someone who "wouldn't charge them just to look at the car".
I have to say I was happy to see them go. I certainly wouldn't go to any of your places of business and ask you to do something and not pay for it. 
I continue to write about patience, there is a reason for it. You can't be an auto repair business owner if you don't have an immense amount of patience. But it has its limits!

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  1. excellent! get that ALL.THE.TIME. Drives me nuts