Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Everybody wants to fix their car right. Right?
Well, not quite!
It all started with our client letting us know, in a somewhat loud voice, that he was tired of bringing the car once or twice a year to fix the same problem. The air condition system was acting up again!
He wanted it fixed right this time.
After looking at our records, we noticed we last looked at the air condition system slightly over three years ago. And prior to that repair, it had been six years since we last worked on the troubled system.
It was low on freon, a fairly common occurrence. We traced the leak to compressor body o rings and proceeded to put a quote together for the necessary repairs.
I'm sure you guessed by now, the ensuing repairs were all declined. "How come you didn't noticed the leak the last time I paid you to look at it?"
It takes a lot of courage and strenght to keep your mouth shut and not yell back at the perceived insult. It seems once I got over 50, I have less and less of that courage and strenght (and patience)
I wanted so much to say " But you said you wanted it fixed right, What has changed?"
I suppose we all set out to get something done right. But then, compromise on what we wanted and trade it for something we didn't want, but cheaper. But this is not about our client, it is about me!
Not long ago, I wanted to get a vest I've seen from Patagonia outfitters, I loved everything about it but the price. You see, Patagonia is a high end outfitter and as such, get a price that is higher than most.
When I balked at the price, I started looking for a more reasonably priced alternative. I found one from a reputable nationwide outfitter (they have a large website on the net)  I bought it and received it from Fedex.
Having compromised because of price, the first thing I noticed was that it really wasn't what I wanted. It was the price I wanted to pay but not the product I wanted.
I never send  the piece back since it wasn't their fault They had sent me what I had requested. By the way! I did get the vest I wanted. I paid the asking price and decided not to whine about it.
Lessons learned!

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