Sunday, June 1, 2014


A day after we worked on a vehicle, we got a phone call from the owner, and it went like this:

 Car owner (CO):       Why did you do that to my car?
Shop (S):                 I'm sorry! and what would that be?
CO                          Why did you put that message on my rear view mirror without my approval?
S                              And what message is that?
CO                           Someone in your shop put the message "objects in the mirror are closer than
                                 they appear" on my rear view mirror.  I did not asked for it!
What would make this funny, is the fact that she prefaced the conversation by saying that she was very aware of everything about her vehicle. That she had owned it for 13 years now and she washed it every Sunday, and waxed it frequently as well. She stated that the message was not there the last time she had washed it. (That message has been a federal mandate for over a decade now)
Move forward to the next car.
It's late in the day, 9:30 P.M. to be precise. I get a phone call on my cell phone from one of our clients.
The battery would go dead if she couldn't turn off the headlamps. "We'll?" Was my answer, " turn the headlight off!"
Unfortunately, she didn't know how.  She had owned the car for 22 years and never had to turn the lights on or off. You see!, they had always been set to come on automatically when dark.
Someone had somehow managed to turn the feature off and suddenly, she had been left to her own devices.
What's perplexing to me, is the fact so many people don't pay any attention to their vehicles. And that it only becomes evident when there is some kind of failure.
Okay,  have you guessed by now where I'm going with this?
If you said " I bet you got blamed for the headlight switch fiasco as we'll". Pat yourself in the back!
You are one for one!

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