Friday, May 30, 2014

Awareness, epilog

Well! This one ended peacefully with no other issues.
She came late in the day once we were closed, we had previously arranged for a place to give her access to her keys and all went without incident.
I wonder how log it will be before we become the next shop in that long chain of previous complaints.
I also wonder what will be the trigger or the catalyst for the complaint.
A few days later, she contacted us and asked about what we had done to the radio as it didn't work anymore. The implication was that it had previously and we must have contributed to it's failure.
Turns out she always had the radio on for the past twelve years. We must have turned it off somehow and she did not know how to turn the radio back on.

Wow!  I worry about how little sometimes people know about their vehicles.

Lee Lizarraga, in Ventura, Ca.

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