Friday, May 30, 2014

Awareness, epilog

Well! This one ended peacefully with no other issues.
She came late in the day once we were closed, we had previously arranged for a place to give her access to her keys and all went without incident.
I wonder how log it will be before we become the next shop in that long chain of previous complaints.
I also wonder what will be the trigger or the catalyst for the complaint.
A few days later, she contacted us and asked about what we had done to the radio as it didn't work anymore. The implication was that it had previously and we must have contributed to it's failure.
Turns out she always had the radio on for the past twelve years. We must have turned it off somehow and she did not know how to turn the radio back on.

Wow!  I worry about how little sometimes people know about their vehicles.

Lee Lizarraga, in Ventura, Ca.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is the first of all my bloggings!

I never did anything like this, because I always thought I led a fairly boring life.
Who would want to even consider reading a boring persons life!
Then I realised, I travel  frequently, I come in contact with a lot of people, I have dogs, homes, kids and businesses,  I struggle with policies, people, taxes, issues, etc, etc. 
So my hope is that you, the reader, will come in contact vicariously with all those situations I do.
My promise is that I will tell the truth, as I see it!

Today, I came in contact with a new client. She has a vehicle with 100k miles and I'm sure by her comments, she has never spent a dime on service. Only when something breaks down.
She was referred to us by the service manager of one of the local dealers. (is that good or bad?)
She let me know she was angry at the vehicle, and at the people who have worked on it as well because she is sure they are the cause for the present condition.
She showed me all the things she knows are broken or in a state of disrepair. She also said she was angry that she had to borrow the money for the repairs she was about to have performed here.
She didn't frame a pretty picture for me!
I knew that as much as she hated all those who came before me, I would be somehow the next cog on that never ending wheel.
The car is here currently for two repairs.One, a very expensive sensor she wants replaced as an "owner request" and another is a power window that is inoperative. 
We are not done with repairs yet. Worse, since the expensive repair is an owner request (she chose not to have us diagnose the problem, instead relying on someone else's opinion) I hope it solves her problem, otherwise I'll hear about the idiots who previously diagnosed it. 

I'll post the end of this story once it's all concluded in a day or two.

Lee Lizarraga, in Ventura, Ca.